Life is complicated.

Juggling school, friends and family sometimes feels impossible, even without COVID.

They all want something from you and they all know what’s best for you. But what do you want? What really matters to you?

A place that feels like home, where people understand you, because they care about the same things as you. And they accept you for who you are and as you are.

But sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect place, a group where you fit in, or the right people for you. We would love to support you in your search. Our map helps you to find events and groups near you, by using key words and/or your zipcode. Currently the map is only available in German, but it should be easy to navigate for non-German speakers too with the help of translation tools.

Nevertheless, if you still have difficulties using the map and finding the right events or group for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to help you! You can find all our contact information below.


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